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No 4 (2018) 50 years of software engineering Abstract   PDF (Russian)
N.A. Sydorov
No 2-3 (2016) A method for business logic extraction from legacy COBOL code of industrial systems Abstract   PDF (Russian)
A.A. Guba, A.V. Kolchin, S.V. Potiyenko
No 1 (2020) A method for extracting data from semis-tructured documents Abstract   PDF (Russian)
K.A. Kudim, G.Yu. Proskudina
No 2 (2019) A method of tuning programs on .Net platform with rewriting rules Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
T.A. Mamedov, А.Yu. Doroshenko
No 4 (2018) A method of two-tier storage management in virtualized data center Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
E.V. Zharikov
No 2 (2015) A Parallel Genetic Algorithm to Solve Scheduling the University Class Problem Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
M.M. Glybovets, N.M. Gulayeva, M.M. Pasichnyk
No 3 (2015) A peer-to-peer topology and multicasting algorithm with guaranteed quality of experi-ence Abstract   PDF (Russian)   PDF
O.V. Hordiichuk, O.S. Bychkov
No 4 (2019) A resource limited parallel program model Abstract   PDF
D.V. Rahozin
No 4 (2017) A simulator of a pulsatile heart Abstract   PDF (Russian)
R.D. Grygoryan, A.G. Degoda, E.A. Dzhurinsky, D.S. Kharsun
No 4 (2018) A simulator of human physiology under energy balance in cells Abstract   PDF (Russian)
R.D. Grygoryan, A.G. Degoda, E.A. Dzhurinsky, T.V. Aksenova
No 1 (2019) A simulator of mechanisms of acute control of human hemodynamics Abstract   PDF (Russian)
R.D. Grygoryan, A.G. Degoda, V.S. Kharsun, E.A. Dzhurinsky
No 4 (2019) A simulator of mechanisms of long-term control of human hemodynamics Abstract   PDF (Russian)
R.D. Grygoryan, A.G. Degoda, E.A. Dzhurinsky
No 4 (2020) A software technology providing tuning procedures of a quantitative model of human hemodynamics Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
R.D. Grygoryan, O.I. Yurchak, А.G. Degoda, T.V. Lyudovyk
No 2-3 (2020) About an optimal control for a "predator-prey" system Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
S.V. Pashko
No 4 (2018) About applicability of NATO logistics information systems in Ukraine Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
M.Y. Stepaniuk, I.P. Sinitsyn, O.V. Kotelia
No 2-3 (2012) About development of an ontological toolkit Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.V. Palagin, N.G. Petrenko, V.Yu. Velichko, K.C. Malakhov, Yu.L. Tikhonov
No 2-3 (2012) About modifiability and bezanomality of a relational database schema Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
B.E. Panchenko
No 4 (2012) About one dynamic model of conflictcontrol user interaction in open information environments Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.P. Ignatenko
No 2-3 (2018) About relationship between table algebra of infinite tables and multiset table algebra Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
I.M. Glushko
No 1 (2017) About technologies of use of external data on creating and editing of encyclopedic texts Abstract   PDF (Russian)
G.Yu. Proskudina, K.A. Kudim
No 2-3 (2020) About the influence of features of fitness-functions on the convergence of the genetic algorithm Abstract   PDF (Russian)
I.O. Lukianov, F.A. Lytvynenko
No 1 (2012) About the method of projecting abstract data type at the algebra of algorithmic Abstract   PDF (Russian)
A.Yu. Doroshenko, V.O. Iovchev
No 2-3 (2020) About using special data structures in coverage algorithms Abstract   PDF (Russian)
O.N. Paulin, N.O. Komleva
No 2-3 (2012) Algebra for the description of data in the composite schemes of algorithms Abstract   PDF (Russian)
V.G. Akulovskiy
No 3 (2003) Algebraic automata specification of common and distributed memory parallel programs Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.Yu. Doroshenko, G.E. Tseytlin
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